Consultancy Projects

Impact Assessments

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  • Le Roux, P.A.L. & Van Tol, J.J., 2008. Actions required for Hotazel pit water dewatering and gardening project: Action 1 Prefeasibility study.


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Interpretation of Land Types

  • Bouwer, D., Le Roux, P.A.L., 2014. Landtype interpretation and field verification. Department of Mineral Resources.
  • Van Zijl G.M. 2015. Desktop Study to determine potential sites with suitable soils for irrigation near Kolomela Mine, Postmasburg. Prepared for Umhlaba Consulting Group.
  • Van Tol, J.J., 2012. Disaggregation of land types for determination of erosion sensitivity of selected sites in the Eastern Cape for afforestation. Sigwale and Associates

Irrigation Suitability

  • Van Zijl, G.M. Du Plessis, C. 2016. Irrigation Suitability Report on Farm 484 Near Kolomela Mine, Postmasburg, Northern Cape Province. Prepared for Umhlaba Consulting.
  • Bouwer, D., Le Roux, P.A.L., 2014. Soil survey Report for irrigation suitability on Vaalharts irrigation scheme. Department of Agriculture, Landreform and Rural development.

Soil Pollution

  • Le Roux, P.A.L., Tinneveld, M., Bouwer, D. and Keunene, B.T. 2015. Distribution of Nitrogen from dam overflow in Secunda. Report prepared for Sasol.
  • Le Roux, P.A.L., Bouwer, D., Van Zijl, G.M., Matshawu, B & van Tol, J.J., 2010. Hydrological flowpaths controlling the distribution of Zn at the Zincor mine, Springs.

Agricultural Production

  • Van Tol, J.J., 2015. Report on soil management requirements for citrus production for the Riverside Farm, Fort Beaufort. Riverside Farms.
  • Van Tol, J.J., 2014. Soil management recommendations for an Olive orchard, Adelaide. Chris Lombard.
  • Van Tol, J.J., 2014. Agricultural land potential assessment, amelioration and management of the Harmony JMS-East site, Welkom. Selectra Sustainable Solutions.
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Urban Planning

  • Van Tol, J.J., van der Merwe, R.H. & Le Roux, P.A.L., 2011. Land suitability of the farm Brandkop (and some ecohydrology). Urbanseed.