We are very excited to announce that we are hosting a Hydropedology seminar!

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Hydropedology: Exposing the hidden half of water resources

After the conclusion of the seminar, you should have a clear understanding of the fundamental principles used in hydropedological studies and able to:

  • Complete quality hydropedological surveys
  • Interpret and present survey data

Part of the course would be to review a hydropedology project after completion of the course.

The course will be based on the following 5 chapters:

  • Section 1- Introduction

An introduction to courses.  How to design f a conceptual hydrological response model for soils and hillslopes,  advanced hydropedology including the development of conceptual hydrological response models and hydrological responses for soil horizons and soil bodies, and application of modelling and DSM (case studies).

Literature that covers the wide spectrum of the contents of hydropedology is included.

  • Section 2- The Science

The relevant basics of soil formation are covered. It is related to the soil morphology and the interpretation of the morphology to infer hydrological response in the soil horizon and soil.

  • Section 3- Soil horizons

This section introduces soil horizons and soils as hydrological response units. It improves the ability to predict a conceptual hydrological response model.

  • Section 4- Hillslopes and catchments

The South African hillslopes are classified in 6 classes. It makes it possible to map hillslopes and to predict or model the contribution of different hillslopes to wetland hydrology

  • Section 5- Guidelines for the intensity and scale of hydropedological surveys are covered.


To introduce attendees to the principles applied in hydropedology and equip officials to make decisions based on hydropedological data.

If you have any questions regarding the seminar, please do not hesitate to ask. We will be able to guide you through the process seamlessly.