OUR SERVICES: Hydropedology, Soil and Land Capability, Agricultural Services, Irrigation Potential, Ploughing Certificates, Quantitive Risk Assessment, EIA, 24G, Water Use Licence.


All the DSA directors have been involved in research of hydropedology in South Africa and conducted studies across the country. With this experience, we are able to conduct hydropedological studies at all scales and intensities.

Soil and Land Capability

DSA has soil and agriculture SACNASP registered scientists with vast experience in conducting Agricultural assessments. Digital Soil Mapping can be a huge cost saving factor on these projects.

Agricultural Services

Our scientists have worked on a wide range crops and planning. We have extensive experience in conducting Irrigation suitability reports for new irrigation projects.


Digital Soils Africa

DSA are soil specialists, focusing on all soil solutions in the agricultural and environmental fields. Our specialists are SACNASP registered and recognized leaders in their fields of study. The services provided include soil surveyssoil erosion mitigationfertilization managementsoil and land capability studies and wetland delineation amongst others, while our fields of specialization are hydropedology and digital soil mapping. Together our directors have more than 85 years experience.


The application of knowledge of soils and their spatial distribution to optimise the different functions which soils can render, so that agriculture and the natural environment could be served with sustainable, productive soil solutions.

Big Idea

Soil is a finite natural resource, upon which various important natural functions are dependant. As soils are different, the ability to sustain these functions differ. Thus, a good understanding of how the soil functions will improve the sustainable management of the natural environment, whilst ensuring optimal production.