About Us

Digital Soils Africa has for 8 years served the environmental and agricultural sectors with soil specialist services. We boast nearly 85 years of experience between the four directors, and are the continental leaders in hydropedology and digital soil mapping research. The close ties with research institutions ensures that we stay ahead with regards to cutting edge research within the field.

State of the art technology is used in our work, including hydrological modelling, GIS, remote sensing, terrain analysis and inference systems. As our name states, we render our services throughout Africa.


DSA started as a company specializing in soil solutions, but have expanded to include environmental services to clients. We strive to render services of a high standard to a wide range of clients, using the latest knowledge and technologies available.


To render services of a high standard.
To support practice with cutting edge research.
Optimize agricultural production and ecological functions through specialist input.


We pride ourselves in following business ethics which are above reproach. Specific values we carry are:
Integrity | Excellence | Respect | Innovation

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