Soil & Water Assessment Tool

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Date: 25th & 26th August 2022
Location: 12A North St, Melrose, Johannesburg
Price: R6000.00 pp
-including lunch & refreshments

This 2-day introductory workshop will focus on the basics of SWAT+ modelling. Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems is a requirement for active participation. The following topics will be covered in a mix of theoretical and hands-on sessions:

Course content

  • General introduction to the model
  • Setting up a SWAT+ model using QSWAT+ and the SWAT+ Editor
  • SWAT+ input files and parameters
  • Running the model and evaluating SWAT+ outputs
  • Basic calibration and overview of available calibration tools
  • Preparing your own input data

Introduction to catchment modeling with the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT+) The Soil and Water Assessment Tool is one of the most widely used hydrologic models.

It has a large, global user community and has been applied to catchments all over the world. One of the most important strengths of the model are its comprehensive simulation of both land processes including plant growth and detailed land management and channel routing processes, integrating multiple environmental processes and pollutants.

To face present and future challenges in water resources modelling and management, the SWAT code, input, and output files have undergone major modifications over the past decade, resulting in SWAT+, a complete restructured version of the model.