Agricultural Services

Your soil is the basis for all your agricultural production.

DSA can partner with you to manage your soil to unlock its optimal potential. We apply best practice guidelines combined with cutting edge technology including NDVI, sampling strategies, digital spoil mapping and hydrological modelling to your unique soil situation to provide site specific management solutions according to your needs. Our services include ploughing certificates, soil suitability surveys, farm outlay, soil sampling and fertilizer recommendations, irrigation scheduling and precision agriculture.

Independent fertilizer recommendations

  • We have no affiliation with any products and therefore our recommendations are what we deem the best option for your specific situation. For advice click here

Irrigation scheduling

  • Survey of soil hydraulic properties, which is essential for variable rate irrigation
  • Farm scale water balance

Farm Planning

  • Optimize management to maximise profits
  • Includes surveys for ploughing certificates

Irrigation Potential

  • Assessment of potential of land to be irrigated
  • Comply with government regulations for irrigation
  • Mitigate soil salinity threats

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