Our Hydropedology courses for 2021 are nearly finalized
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Course 1- Information sharing session (Hydropedology as part of the EIA process)

Course 2- The principles of Hydropedology

Course 3- Conducting a Hydropedology assessment

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    More details regarding the Course:

    Course 1

    This is to inform decision-makers, EAP’s managing projects (with hydropedological components), government officials and policymakers about the role of hydropedology in the EIA process.

    Course 2

    A theoretical background to the science of hydropedology with the following topics:

    • The interactive relationship between soil and hydrology
    • Hydrology and soil genesis
    • Soil properties as indicator of hydrological processes
    • Hydropedology of soil types
    • Upscaling from the plot to the hillslope scale
    • Hydropedological classification of hillslope

    Course 3

    Conducting a hydropedological assessment
    Some topics covered:

    • Legacy soil data
    • identification of dominant hillslopes
    • Description of morphology
    • Hydropedological grouping of soils
    • Conceptualizing hillslope hydropedological behavior
    • Classification of hillslope classes