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Soil Specialists in environmental and agricultural sciences.

Soil Survey

A soil survey is the basis for any soil science project, and the application stretches as far as there are sub-disciplines in soil science. Frequently requested applications for soil surveys are: farm planning, irrigation potential determination, soil and land capability assessments, hydropedological studies, wetland delineations and fertilization management.


Hydropedology is the study of water movement through the soil. It has its application in soil pollution assessments, town and development planning, natural wetland boundary determination, and plant water consumption studies.

Digital Soil Mapping

Digital soil mapping uses state of the art technology to map the soils of large areas. We have used digital soil mapping in the fields of forestry production, hydropedological town planning, soil and land capability assessments of water pipelines and soil erosion mitigation.

Training Courses

From time to time we offer training courses in our fields of specialization, digital soil mapping and hydropedology. Our courses are in the process of being approved for SACNASP CPD points. Click the link to see when the next course will be, or contact us to organize a custom course for your organization.

Environmental Services

We focus on environmental authorization applications, environmental permitting and compliance auditing.

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Fertilizer Recommendations

We offer an fertilizer recommendation service. Independent fertilizer recommendations ensure optimal yields with minimum wastage.